Lowe, Nick - Labour Of Lust

Vendor: Smash Records
Country: Scandinavia


Smash SLEPT 6 made in Scandinavia with picture inner sleeve.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG-.

Lowe's second album set aside some of the studio and production hijinks of his debut in favor of a louder, rougher-edged overall sound. He was playing at the time in Rockpile and the band would alternate between recording Lowe's and fellow member Dave Edmund's albums. Lowe's songwriting was equal to the task of this monstrous band at their peak. In fact, "Big Kick, Plain Scrap" could never have existed without this band. From those enormous drums to the pure pop of "Cruel To Be Kind," this album is everything the first was, shined to perfection and turned up to eleven (when need be). Edmund's twanging guitar in particular is shimmering throughout. Sadly, this album was also his last with Rockpile. "You Make Me" hints at the quieter moments he was soon to begin exploring more fully.


1.  Cruel To Be Kind    
2.  Cracking Up   
3.  Big Kick, Plain Scrap   
4.  Born Fighter   
5.  You Make Me   
6.  Skin Deep   
7.  Switchboard Susan   
8.  Endless Grey Ribbon   
9. Without Love   
10. Dose Of You   
11. Love So Fine
12. Basing Street

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Lowe, Nick - Labour Of Lust Lowe, Nick - Labour Of Lust