Lost Kids - Bla Bla

Vendor: Medley (EMI)
Released: 1980


Medley MdLP 6030 made in Holland.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

The first is a punk rock band from Denmark/Aarhus. Founded by Jan Jet 1978 after a trip to Britain. Danish cover versions of 1st generation punk songs were frequent in the early repertoire, which were revitalized by Jan Jets fresh word-games. Heavy drug problems took its toll of the band through the 80’s and numerous lineup changes followed. Concerts played around 2000 contained full solosets from other members too. Jan Jet is still today occasionally playing and releasing material as Lost Kids.


A1     Hva Sir Du Saa     1:50
A2     Judith     0:50
A3     Født Som Nul     4:20
A4     Nede I Byen     1:35
A5     Velo Vap     1:15
A6     Facist Blues     1:00
A7     Masser Af Penge     2:10
A8     Sikke Noget Lort     0:55
A9     Nattelir For 80     1:55
B1     Ja Til A-Kraft     1:40
B2     Du Kan Faa Det Som Du Vil     2:55
B3     Mig Og Mig     2:50
B4     Min Gade Stinker I Dag     1:55
B5     The Kids     1:00
B6     Gnasg     0:35
B7     Aah - Jeg Er Saa Glad     3:35
B8     Sylbernes Nedtur     1:30

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Lost Kids - Bla Bla Lost Kids - Bla Bla