Kaizers Orchestra - Violeta Violeta Vinyl Box

Vendor: Petroleum Records
Released: 2013


Violeta, Violeta vinyl box set, with a bonus 7-inch single and the 152 pages photo book FotoFoto. Limited edition, 1000 copies. Kaizers Orchestra’s final, spectacular album project, the trilogy Violeta, Violeta, is compiled in its entirety in this exclusive vinyl box set. As a special gift to their fans, the band has included a vinyl single with the two songs that didn’t make it onto Volume III, «Stjerner i posisjon» [«Stars aligned»] and «Cecilia I. Velur”. These two songs conclude the trilogy once and for all. Composer Janove Ottesen has the following to say about them:  - “Stjerner i posisjon” is a pop song that didn’t quite fit in on Volume III, but I still like very much. It is a little airy, almost Caribbean, with a powerful staccato, musical-style, chorus. Maybe the closest we’ve ever gotten to indie music? The lyrics are about Violeta, who is contemplating life, the now and the end of it all, at which point we’ll hopefully be reunited with all the people we have known, but perhaps also with all those we should have known. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaizers_Orchestra


Violeta Violeta I

Philemon Arthur & The Dung              
Diamant Til Kull              
Femtakt Filosofi              
Din Kjole Lukter Bensin, Mor              
En For Orgelet, En For Meg              
Tumor I Ditt Hjerte              
Psycho Under Min Hatt              
Svarte Katter & Flosshatter              
Sju Bøtter Tårer Er Nok, Beatrice



Violeta Violeta II

I Ett Med Verden              
Støv Og Sand              
Tusen Dråper Regn              
Drøm Videre, Violeta              
Far Til Datter              
Faen I Båten              
Gresk Komedie              
Den Romantiske Tragedien        


Violeta Violeta III

Begravelsespolka     7:06          
Forloveren     7:27          
Aldri Vodka, Violeta     6:53          
Tvilling     7:38          
Det Polaroide Liv     3:50          
Siste Dans     3:38          
Markedet Bestemmer     6:30          
Satan I Halsen     4:30          
Perfekt I En Drøm     7:44          
Sekskløver     6:17    



Stjerner i posisjon

Cecilia I. Velur

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Kaizers Orchestra - Violeta Violeta Vinyl Box Kaizers Orchestra - Violeta Violeta Vinyl Box