Jones, Paul - Love Me Love My Friends.

Vendor: His Masters Voice
Released: 1967


His Masters Voice CSD 3602 made in Denmark.

Vinyl VG++. Cover VG+.

This was supposed to be a concept album of sorts, though not a very adventurous one, the idea being to base it around songs with names in the titles -- "Poor Jenny," "Charlie Brown," "Bony Moronie," etc. The results are as hackneyed as you'd expect, Paul Jones compromising his strengths -- his excellent R&B and soul sensibilities, as demonstrated in Manfred Mann -- for weak material, anchored by Mike Leander's period-piece British orchestral pop arrangements. Jones is at his best when he gets even a bit rootsy, as on "Nosher Burns" and "Little Sadie," though the juxtaposition of lame remakes of the Coasters and the Everly Brothers next to a folk-rock reading of Bob Dylan's "The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll" is somewhat ludicrous.


  • A1)   Love Me
  • A2)   Poor Jenny
  • A3)   Trendy Miss Wendy
  • A4)   Nosher Burns
  • A5)   Song About MAry
  • A6)   Along Came Jones
  • B1)   Bony Moronie
  • B2)   Little Sadie
  • B3)   Charlie Brown
  • B4)   Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll
  • B5)   Tarzan, Etc...

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Jones, Paul - Love Me Love My Friends. Jones, Paul - Love Me Love My Friends.