Armatrading, Joan - The Key

Vendor: AM Records
Released: 1983


AMLX 64912 made in Holland. With original innersleeve.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

Many of the same musicians from Walk Under Ladders return for The Key, but gone are that album's warm island airs. Instead, producer Steve Lillywhite wraps -- some might say smothers -- Armatrading's voice in sophisticated synthesizers (courtesy of Larry Fast) and punchy rock arrangements that are enervating but less inviting than her earlier work.


A1 (I Love It When You) Call Me Names 4:23
A2 Foolish Pride 3:16
A3 Drop The Pilot 3:41
A4 The Key 4:01
A5 Everybody Gotta Know 3:48
B1 Tell Tale 2:31
B2 What Do Boys Dream 2:55
B3 The Game Of Love 3:34
B4 The Dealer 3:19
B5 Bad Habits 3:43
B6 I Love My Baby 3:29

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Armatrading, Joan - The Key Armatrading, Joan - The Key