Jethro Tull - War Child

Vendor: Chrysalis
Country: 1974

RARE/2HAND VINYL LP ON  chrysalis 1974

Chrysalis CHR 1067 made in England.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

Two years on from the conceptual innovations of THICK AS A BRICK, Tull had learned how to crystallize the creativity of that prog-rock masterpiece and incorporate it into more traditional song structures. Thus, the songs here are full of daunting time signatures and dazzling feats of instrumental derring-do, but all in the context of shorter, more concise composition. There's also a darker edge to things here, as introduced by the tumultuous title cut.


1. War Child
2. Queen And Country
3. Ladies
4. Back-door Angels
5. Sealion
6. Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day
7. Bungle In The Jungle
8. Only Solitaire
9. The Third Hoorah
10. Two Fingers

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Jethro Tull - War Child Jethro Tull - War Child