Edgar Winter Group - Shock Treatment

Vendor: Epic
Released: 1974


Epic EPC 65640 made in England in gatefold cover. Vinyl EX. Cover EX.

With this release, Edgar Winter was faced with the question that haunts many a superstar following a highly successful album -- how can he outdo himself? While Shock Treatment falls short of outdoing himself, it still manages to rock pretty righteously. Beginning with this album's answer to their previous "Hangin' Around," "Some Kinda Animal," the band moves into the excellent blues torcher "Easy Street," which is painted with highlights from the substantial saxophone talent of Winter, not to mention some of his finest singing. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edgar_Winter


Some Kinda Animal     3:05          
Easy Street     4:13          
Sundown     3:25          
Miracle Of Love     3:38          
Do Like Me     4:48          
Rock & Roll Woman     2:49          
Someone Take My Heart Away     4:08          
Queen Of My Dreams     2:15          
Maybe Some Day You'll Call My Name     3:52          
River's Risin'     3:19          
Animal     4:53    

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Edgar Winter Group - Shock Treatment Edgar Winter Group - Shock Treatment