Eagles Of Death Metal - Peace, Love & Death Metal

Vendor: Asylum Records
Released: 2010


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Founded in Palm Desert, CA, Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme formed the group Eagle of Death Metal in 1998. Josh Homme is also the leader of another band, Queens of the Stone Age. Hughes writes most of the songs while Homme thumps out sounds on the bass or drums. The band was formed as part of a project Homme was working on. The project, Desert Sessions, is a collection of music recorded by different bands. The Eagles of Death Metal recorded music for Volumes three and four. After the project was over, the band focused more on its music. www.eaglesofdeathmetal.com/


1. I Only Want You
2. Speaking In Tongues
3. So Easy
4. Flames Go Higher
5. Bad Dream Mama
6. English Girl
7. Stacks O' Money
8. Midnight Creeper
9. Stuck In The Metal
10. Already Died
11. Kiss The Devil
12. Whorehoppin (shit, God Damn)
13. San Berdoo Sunburn
14. Wastin' My Time
15. Miss Alissa


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Eagles Of Death Metal - Peace, Love & Death Metal Eagles Of Death Metal - Peace, Love & Death Metal