Doves - Last Broadcast

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Released: 04-06-19


2 X 180 GRAM VINYL. 

When Doves issued Lost Souls in fall 2000, Britpop was immersed in its melodic gloom-and-doom era, ushered in by the success of Radiohead. The likes of Coldplay, Travis, Elbow, and Starsailor followed in their wake, as did Doves. What separated Doves from the rest was a glint of passion, evident on their 2000 debut, Lost Souls. Two years later, the atmospheric dreamscapes of Lost Souls were torn asunder for the musical daybreak of The Last Broadcast. As it turns out, the psychedelic vibrancy of "Catch the Sun," the brightest track on the album, pointed toward this brave second record. Gone are the hazy space rock trips and the cheerless attitudes; Doves are on the sunny side of the street for The Last Broadcast.


Side A
1     Intro     
2     Words     
3     There Goes The Fear     
Side B
1     M62 Song     
2     Where We're Calling From     
3     N.Y.     
Side C
1     Satellites     
2     Friday's Dust     
3     Pounding     
Side D
1     Last Broadcast     
2     The Sulphur Man     
3     Caught By The River

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Doves - Last Broadcast Doves - Last Broadcast