Yachty, Lil - Nuthin' 2 Prove

Vendor: Universal
Released: 2019


2 X 180 GRAM VINYL.Lil Yachty, is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. Yachty first gained recognition in August 2015 for his singles "One Night" and "Minnesota" from his debut EP Summer Songs.[3][4][5][6] He released his debut mixtape Lil Boat in March 2016. On June 10, 2016, Yachty announced that he had signed a joint venture record deal with Quality Control Music, Capitol Records, and Motown Records.[7] His mixtapes Lil Boat and Summer Songs 2 were released in 2016 and his debut studio album, Teenage Emotions in 2017. His second studio album, Lil Boat 2 was released on March 9, 2018. 

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Gimmie My Respect     1:48
Get Dripped     2:38
Riley From The Boondocks     3:05
I'm The Mac     2:11
Yacht Club     2:46
SaintLaurentYSL     2:48
We Outta Here!     3:52
Who Want The Smoke     3:18
Worth It     2:47
Everything Good, Everything Right     2:58
Next Up     3:17
Forever World     5:01
Nolia     3:22
Fallin' In Luv     3:40
Stoney     4:02

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Yachty, Lil  - Nuthin' 2 Prove Yachty, Lil  - Nuthin' 2 Prove