Shit & Chanel ‎– Shit & Chanel

Vendor: Metronome
Edition: Metronome


ABC 2003 made in Denamrk

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

Denmark in 1970s was enlivened with a feminist movement just like many other places around the world. It was a time where bras where oppressive of women, girl bands played topless, the prime minister of the country was a non-educated worker and rounded circle pedagogy wasn't a pejorative. Enter Shit & Chanel with the first of their soon to be legendary four albums, which they themselves described as "straight up vagina rock, pussy funk and boob punk". Suffice to say, not everyone was so happy with the attitude. The members of the group had their background in the in Aarhus and were all skilled musicians.


Dejlig Dreng     3:00
Angst     3:47
Smuk Og Dejlig     3:55
Helt Alene     5:20
Jorden, Vinden, Fuglene     3:08
Lige Før Jeg Falder Om     4:10
Efter Festen     3:50
Kaki Hårfedt     3:47
Balløven     4:32
Fandango     5:17
Stemmen     4:57

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Shit & Chanel ‎– Shit & Chanel Shit & Chanel ‎– Shit & Chanel