Fleetwood Mac - Bare Trees

Vendor: WB
Country: US


Reprise MSK 2278 made in US.

Vinyl NM. Cover EX.

Arguably the first consistently strong album Fleetwood Mac ever recorded -- all the way back into the Peter Green/Jeremy Spencer era, the Mac's albums had previously consisted of individual moments of brilliance in a sea of uninspired filler -- 1972's Bare Trees is also the album where the band finally defines its post-blues musical personality. Low-key but less narcoleptically mellow than 1971's sleepy Future Games, Bare Trees is a singer/songwriter album in the traditional early-'70s style, backed up with just enough musical muscle to keep from sounding like weedy soft rock in the manner of Bread or Cat Stevens. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fleetwood_Mac


Child Of Mine     5:09
The Ghost     3:58
Homeward Bound     3:20
Sunny Side Of Heaven     3:10
Bare Trees     5:02
Sentimental Lady     4:35
Danny's Chant     3:16
Spare Me A Little Of Your Love     3:44
Dust     2:41
Thoughts On A Grey Day     2:03

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Fleetwood Mac - Bare Trees Fleetwood Mac - Bare Trees