Charlatans - Wonderland

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Released: 26-10-18


2 X 180 GRAM VINYL (Pre-order, out 26-10-18)

Seven albums in, and the Charlatans haven't so much settled into a groove as they've settled into a style. They long ago carved out a niche between classic British rock and post-Madchester British dance, and that's what made their music seem fresh for several different generations -- they represented whatever you wanted to see within their distinctly British blend. In that sense, they are indeed proving themselves to be like the Stones, who subtly incorporated modern trends into the sound, sometimes so seamlessly you didn't realize they were branching out.

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You're So Pretty - We're So Pretty     4:44
Judas     4:04
Love Is The Key     4:28
A Man Needs To Be Told     4:33
I Just Can't Get Over Losing You     4:54
The Bell And The Butterfly     4:17
And If I Fall     5:18
Wake Up     5:10
Is It In You?     4:45
Ballad Of The Band     5:56
Right On     4:22
Love To You     4:54

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Charlatans - Wonderland Charlatans - Wonderland