Bonnie ´Prince` Billy - Arise Therefore

Vendor: Domino
Released: 1996


Once again, Will Oldham emerges out of the murky, Midwestern haze with another helping of lovely, low-key musings on his fourth full-length album, Arise, Therefore, this time recorded under the name Palace Music (previously Palace Brothers, Palace Songs, or just plain Palace). Much quieter than Viva Last Blues and less-Appalachian in its folk spirit than Palace's earlier music, the songs on Arise, Therefore shift and moan with breathy cracks and shivers; Oldham's meandering, poet-speak vocals; and guitar accompanied by his brother, Ned's bass, David Grubbs' piano, and (surprise!) a Maya Tone drum machine.


Stablemate     3:36     
A Sucker's Evening     3:01     
Arise, Therefore     4:05     
You Have Cum In Your Hair And Your Dick Is Hanging Out     3:40     
Kid Of Harith     4:03     
The Sun Highlights The Lack In Each     5:36
No Gold Digger     4:05     
Disorder     3:50     
A Group Of Women     3:04     
Give Me Children     3:27     
The Weaker Soldier     5:28

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Bonnie ´Prince` Billy - Arise Therefore Bonnie ´Prince` Billy - Arise Therefore