Blue Van - Love Shot.

Vendor: Iceberg Records
Year: 2010

Growing up in rural Broenderslev, Denmark, Steffen Westmark (vocals/guitars), Søren V. Christensen (Hammond organ), Allan F. Villadsen, and Per M. Jorgenson (drums) were inspired by the classics -- Cream, Kinks, Pretty Things, Them -- and they used that hard R&B, primal rock influence to drive the revivalist sound of the Blue Van.
1. Mama s Boy 

2. Run To The Sun 

3. Love Shot 

4. Beg Like A Dog 

5. Woman Of The Wrong Kind 

6. Loser Takes It All 

7. Teenage Runaway 

8. Fame And Glory 

9. Draw The Line 

10. Hole In The Ground

11. Wait And See

12. Evil

13. You Live, You Learn, You Die

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Blue Van - Love Shot. Blue Van - Love Shot.