Blood Red shoes - Blood Red shoes

Vendor: Jazzlife
Release: 2014


2 x 180 GRAM VINYL

Blood Red Shoes is the eponymous fourth studio album from the Brighton-based rock duo. Once again, the album showcases vocalist/guitarist Laura-Mary Carter and vocalist/drummer Steven Ansell's heavy, guitar-based approach to anthemic pop music. Recorded in Berlin, Blood Red Shoes was produced by the bandmembers themselves. It is also the first of the band's albums to be released under their own Jazz Life imprint. Featured on Blood Red Shoes are the singles "The Perfect Mess" and "An Animal."


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1. Welcome Home
2. Everything All At Once
3. An Animal
4. Grey Smoke
5. Far Away
6. The Perfect Mess
7. Behind A Wall
8. Stranger
9. Speech Coma
10. Don't Get Caught
11. Cigarettes In The Dark
12. Tightwire
13. It's Getting Boring By The Sea
14. Don't Ask
15. Heartsink
16. Say Something, Say Anything
17. Lost Kids
18. Light It Up
19. This Is Not For You
20. Cold
21. It Is Happening Again
22. You Bring Me Down
23. In Time To Voices
24. Colours Fade
25. I Wish I Was Someone Better
26. Je Me Perds

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Blood Red shoes - Blood Red shoes Blood Red shoes - Blood Red shoes