Benson, Brendan - You Were Right

Vendor: Lojinx
Released: 2013


Sometimes, all you need is a little push. After acclaimed singer-songwriter Brendan Benson released his 2012 album What Kind of World, his manager suggested he launch a monthly singles series. He was a bit hesitant at first, but eventually he came around. And now, just a year after What Kind of World, Benson is back with You Were Right, which collects both the releases from the series as well as reworked versions of songs that didn’t quite fit on his previous albums.


1.  It’s Your Choice
2.  Rejuvenate Me
3.  As of Tonight
4.  Diamond
5.  Long Term Goal
6.  I Don’t Wanna See You Anymore
7.  I’ll Never Tell
8.  Swallow You Whole
9.  She’s Trying to Poison Me
10. Purely Automatic
11. New Words of Wisdom
12. Oh My Love
13. The Fritz
14. Swimming
15. Red White and Blues

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Benson, Brendan - You Were Right Benson, Brendan - You Were Right