Barrett, Syd - Madcap Laughs

Vendor: WB
Released: 1970


One of the most influential musicians in British pop history, Syd Barrett was as appreciated as much for his iconoclastic approach to the electric guitar as for his adventurous and imaginative songwriting. A co-founder of Pink Floyd, he was also quintessentially English, penning idiosyncratic and unique songs, and, along with Ray Davies, was directly responsible for a whole generation of musicians feeling that it was acceptable to develop their own indigenous brand of rock music.


1.  Terrapin
2.  No Good Trying
3.  Love You
4.  No Man's Land
5.  Dark Globe
6.  Here I Go
7.  Octopus
8.  Golden Hair
9.  Long Gone
10. She Took A Long Cold Look
11. Feel
12. If It's In You
13. Late Night

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Barrett, Syd - Madcap Laughs Barrett, Syd - Madcap Laughs