Alien: Covenant - ost

Vendor: Univesal
Collection: Soundtrack.
Released: 2017


2 X 180 GRAM VINYL. 

The soundtrack to Alien: Covenant opens with the short and ominous “Incubation”, which then dives straight into “The Covenant” with a touch of military tap. “Neutrino Burst” is where the tension starts to rise and “Planet 4/Main Theme” is as majestic as anything else in this score, just beautiful. While many of these tracks are in the 1 to 2 min. range, which is quite standard, there are a number of longer tracks that give Kurzel the opportunity to rev up the orchestral engines to maximum power, so to speak.


Incubation     1:07
The Covenant     3:25
Neutrino Burst     2:57
A Cabin On The Lake     1:55
Sails     3:18
Planet 4 (Main Theme)     2:06
Launcher Landing     1:19
Wheat Field     1:39
Spores     2:17
The Med Bay     7:25
Grass Attack     3:16
Dead Civilization     2:51
Survivors     1:35
Payload Deployment     1:46
Command Override     1:47
Face Hugger     3:56
Chest Burster     1:24
Lonely Perfection     3:21
Cargo Lift     4:44
Bring It To My Turf     2:05
Terraforming Bay     3:02
Alien Covenant Theme     1:42

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Alien: Covenant - ost Alien: Covenant - ost