Bonnie ´Prince` Billy - The Letting Go

Vendor: Domino
Collection: Sing-Songwriter.
Released: 2006


Will Oldham has usually preached the gospel of less-is-more, but after an own-covers record that emanated from the belly of Nashville itself (Bonnie Prince Billy Sings Greatest Palace Songs), followed by a collaboration with guitarist Matt Sweeney (Superwolf) and a churning live record (Summer in the Southeast), his work began to seem positively indulgent. The Letting Go is not quite as far a stretch, but it is yet another intriguing departure.


Love Comes To Me     4:31     
Strange Form Of Life     3:46     
Wai     3:37     
Cursed Sleep     5:35     
No Bad News     4:45     
Cold & Wet     2:21     
Big Friday     2:43     
Lay And Love     3:50     
The Seedling     4:36
Then The Letting Go     5:19     
God's Small Song     4:03     
I Called You Back     7:51     
Ebb Tide     5:12

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Bonnie ´Prince` Billy - The Letting Go Bonnie ´Prince` Billy - The Letting Go