Banhart, Devendra - Mala

Vendor: Nonesuch
Collection: Sing-Songwriter.
Released: 2013


Mala, Banhart’s eighth studio album, was recorded in his then-home in Los Angeles. (He now resides in New York City.) He and Georgeson played most of the instruments themselves, using borrowed equipment and a vintage Tascam recorder they’d found in a pawn shop. “A lot of early hip-hop had been made on (the Tascam),” says Banhart. “And knowing my songs are not hip-hop whatsoever, we thought it would be interesting to see how these kinds of songs would sound on equipment that was used to record our favorite rap. Let’s see how this technology would work for us.” It was a new approach for the pair. “In the past we were more like, let’s use the oldest equipment we could find.”


1.  Golden Girls
2.  Daniel
3.  Für Hildegard von Bingen 
4.  Never Seen Such Good Things 
5.  Mi Negrita
6.  Your Fine Petting Duck
7.  The Ballad of Keenan Milton
8.  A Gain
9.  Won't You Come Over
10. Cristobal Risquez
11. Hatchet Wound
12. Mala
13. Won't You Come Home
14. Taurobolium
15. Something French (LP-Only Bonus Track)
16. Loring Baker (LP-Only Bonus Track)


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Banhart, Devendra - Mala Banhart, Devendra - Mala