Morrison, Van - Tupelo Honey.

Vendor: WB
Collection: Rock/Pop
Year: 1971


WB K 46114 made in UK in gatefold cover. Vinyl NM. Cover VG++.

Part of Van Morrison's living-in-the-country-and-taking-life-easy series of early-1970s albums, TUPELO HONEY is full of the organic mix of soul, folk, blues, and rock that was his signature sound at the time. The freewheeling "Wild Night" bursts at the seams with the pure joy of living, carried along by R&B horns and Morrison's own soulful invocations. "Old Old Woodstock" and the title track are songs of devotion to home and hearth, indicative of the mood prevailing at the time, as the acid-rock excesses of the '60s gave way to a more down-home sound à la the Band, CSNY.


1. Wild Night 
2. (Straight to Your Heart) Like a Cannonball 
3. Old Old Woodstock 
4. Starting a New Life 
5. You're My Woman 
6. Tupelo Honey 
7. I Wanna Roo You (Scottish Derivative) 
8. When That Evening Sun Goes Down 
9. Moonshine Whiskey

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Morrison, Van - Tupelo Honey. Morrison, Van - Tupelo Honey.