Mercury Rev - All is Dream

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2 X 180 GRAM VINYL. (Pre-Order, out 20-05-22)

Moody, majestic, and unpredictable, All Is Dream plays like Deserter's Songs' evil twin, polarizing that album's gently trippy, symphonic pop into paranoid and exuberant extremes that range from the eerie lullaby "Lincoln's Eyes" to the giddy show-tune-in-search-of-a-musical "A Drop in Time." Starting with the symphonic grandeur of "The Dark Is Rising," the album's ambitious, self-indulgent vibe recalls '60s and '70s psych and prog rock concept albums as well as the band's own expansive body of work.


    Lp 1
        1. The Dark is Rising
        2. Tides of the Moon
        3. Chains
        4. Lincoln's Eyes
        5. Nite and Fog
        6. Little Rhymes
        7. A Drop In Time
        8. You're My Queen
        9. Spiders and Flies
        10. Hercules

    Lp 2
        1. Planet Caravan
        2. Streets of Laredo
        3. I Keep a Close Watch
        4. Nocturne In C# Minor, Opus 27, No.1
        5. Blue Skies
        6. Mascara Tears
        7. Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds
        8. The Brook Room
        9. Silver and Gold
        10. A Drop In Time (Demo)
        11. Where the Mountains Start To Rise
        12. Back Into the Sun (You're the One)
        13. A Quick One At Artie's 44
        14. Mr Moonlight Will Come
        15. Cool Waves Hercules (Demo)


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Mercury Rev - All is Dream Mercury Rev - All is Dream