Jarre, Jean-Michel - Oxymore

Vendor: Sony Music
Collection: Recently Added.
Release: 2016


2 X 180 GRAM VINYL (Pre-order, out 21-10-22)

Electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre will release his 22nd studio album, and one of his most ambitious projects to date, ‘OXYMORE’ on October 21st, via Sony Music. The album has been conceived as an immersive work in a multi-channel and 3D binaural version. Multi-channel binaural sound will revolutionise how music is composed, mixed and produced, placing sounds and textures in space in 360 degrees, and can be easily experienced by any listeners with headphones. ‘OXYMORE’ is the first commercial release of this stature which pushes the future of musical audio and sound to this new level.


1 Agora
2 Oxymore
3 Neon Lips
4 Sonic Land
5 Animal Genesis
6 Synthy Sisters
7 Sex In The Machine
8 Zeitgeist
9 Crystal Garden
10 Brutalism
11 Epica



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Jarre, Jean-Michel - Oxymore Jarre, Jean-Michel - Oxymore