Deerhoof - Actually, You Can

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Released: 21-01-22


180 GRAM VINYL. (Pre-order, out 21-01-22)

Over eighteen boundless albums as experimental as they are pop, Deerhoof has continuously quested for radical sounds and daring storytelling. 2020’sFuture TeenageCave Artists explored fairytale visions of post-apocalypse, welding intrinsic melodies with absurdist digital recording methods. Its sequel Love-Lore, a live covers medley, channeled futurist mid-century artists—Parliament, Sun Ra and Stockhausen, to name a handful— into a patchwork love letter to the anti-authoritarian expressions that inspire the band. Galvanized by the challenge of unifying many styles of music, Deerhoof landed on their next record’s concept: baroque gone DIY.


1. Be Unbarred, O Ye Gates of Hell
2. Department of Corrections
3. We Grew, and We Are Astonished
4. Scarcity Is Manufactured
5. Ancient Mysteries, Described
6. Plant Thief
7. Our Philosophy Is Fiction
8. Epic Love Poem
9. Divine Comedy



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Deerhoof - Actually, You Can Deerhoof - Actually, You Can