Keb'mo - Oklahoma

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Released: 19-07-19


180 GRAM VINYL. (Pre-order, out 19-07-19)

 “I’m more interested in pleasing myself and making records that make me feel proud and make me feel like I’ve done my best. And if other people like it, that’s gravy,” states Keb’ Mo’, assessing his new album Oklahoma. Indeed, in his quarter-century as a recording artist, the charismatic singer/guitarist/ songwriter and four-time GRAMMY Award winner has consistently made music that reflects his own passions and interests. In the process, he’s earned a reputation for his ability to draw upon his bottomless roots-music expertise to make deeply expressive, highly personal music.

199,95 dkr


        1. I Remember You
        2. Oklahoma
        3. Put a Woman In Charge
        4. This is My Home
        5. Don't Throw It Away
        6. The Way I
        7. Ridin' On a Train
        8. I Should've
        9. Cold Outside
        10. Beautiful Music

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Keb'mo - Oklahoma Keb'mo - Oklahoma