Scorpions - Crazy World

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Released: 25-10-19


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After the release of Savage Amusement in 1988, the Scorpions expressed disdain toward the album, feeling that it was too polished when compared to their other work. Their longtime producer, Dieter Dierks, was replaced with well-known rock producer Keith Olsen, who would produce Crazy World and assist in making it one of the Scorpions' greatest recordings. Their music had certainly changed since Savage Amusement, sounding a little bit heavier and less glamorous. But even with the metal sound, the songs remain melodic and catchy.

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1. Tease Me Please Me
2. Don't Believe Her
3. To Be With You In Heaven
4. Wind Of Change
5. Restless Nights
6. Lust Or Love
7. Kicks After Six
8. Hit Between The Eyes
9. Money And Fame
10. Crazy World
11. Send Me An Angel 


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Scorpions - Crazy World Scorpions - Crazy World