Roxette - Havbe A Nice Day

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Released: 2016


2 X180 GRAM YELLOW VINYL. (Pre-order, out 12-04-19)

In the five years between Roxette's last album, Crash, Boom, Bang, and this, their "comeback" album, pop music had changed considerably. Crash, Boom, Bang failed, in part, because it was completely out of step with the times; in 1994 grunge, alternative, and rap ruled the charts, but Roxette always produced a relatively crisp and clean brand of pop/rock. In the five years since then, however, Brit-pop brought alternative rock back towards pop, electronica made dance music "cool" again, and bubblegum pop bands like the Spice Girls made unabashed pop fun again.

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Crush On You     3:35
Wish I Could Fly     4:40
You Can't Put Your Arms Around What's Already Gone     3:30
Waiting For The Rain     3:37
Anyone     4:31
It Will Take A Long Long Time     4:03
7Twenty7     3:53
I Was So Lucky     4:17
Stars     3:56
Salvation     4:38
Pay The Price     3:48
Cooper     4:17
Staring At The Ground     2:58
Beautiful Things     3:48

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Roxette - Havbe A Nice Day Roxette - Havbe A Nice Day