Prefab Sprout - Protest Songs

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Released: 1985


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Protest Songs was recorded by Prefab Sprout in 1985 in the wake of the masterful Steve McQueen/Two Wheels Good, but shelved in favor of the subsequent From Langley Park to Memphis; it finally surfaced to little fanfare in 1989, appearing almost as mysteriously as it was abandoned four years earlier. It's a wonderful record, but perhaps too close in sound and spirit to Steve McQueen for comfort -- From Langley Park, for all its flaws, is a much more adventurous effort, and with the benefit of hindsight, it seems reasonable to assume that Paddy McAloon wished not to stick with the tried-and-true but instead attempt something new and different, successful or not.

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The World Awake     4:24
Life Of Surprises     4:05
Horsechimes     4:21
Wicked Things     3:08
Dublin     3:40
Tiffanys     3:49
Diana     4:09
Talking Scarlet     4:32
'Til The Cows Come Home     4:12
Pearly Gates     5:28


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Prefab Sprout - Protest Songs Prefab Sprout - Protest Songs