Irah - Diamond Grid

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Released: 24-05-19


The duo, consisting of Copenhagen-based Stine Grøn (vocals) and Adi Zukanović (keyboards), have conjured up a remarkable dream pop album that reaches for the stars and beyond without losing touch with the earth beneath our feet. Though recorded in Copenhagen Diamond Grid sees IRAH travelling across a multitude of musical traditions, states of mind, and spiritual dimensions. Throughout Diamond Grid there’s both contemporary themes and sounds while an undercurrent of ageless and transcendental spirituality flows through everything, a duality also to be find in the album title itself.

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1. Dream Self
2. Siu Hinama 05:08
3. Matrix
4. Unity of Gods 04:56
5. Polluted Hearts
6. Cinematic 07:03
7. Worship The Sun
8. Breath
9. Sui

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Irah - Diamond Grid Irah - Diamond Grid