Wives - So Removed

Vendor: City Slang
Collection: New Releases.
Released: 04-10-19


180 GRAM VINYL. (Pre-order, out 04-10-19)

 Queens indie rock 4-piece WIVES quiver with a grungy post-punk energy reminiscent of experimental rock greats like The Pixies and The Fall, but they’ve created a sound hellbent on dodging generalizations. Vocalist Jay Beach belts out half spoken-half sung witticisms, a refreshingly unhinged approach that calls to mind The Icarus Line’s Joe Cardamone.  Andrew Bailey and Alex Crawford trade off jagged uppercuts on their strings while keeping the groove moving forward as Adam Sachs absolutely pummels the kit.  Who knew the tried-and-true ‘guitar, bass and drums’ formula could sound so damn new?

179,95 dkr


A1. Waving Past Nirvana
A2. The 20 Teens
A3. Servants
A4. Hit Me Up
A5. Whatevr
A6. Even The Dead Side
B1. Why Is Life
B2. Sold Out Seatz
B3. Workin’
B4. Hideaway
B5. The Future Is A Drag

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Wives - So Removed Wives - So Removed