Oasis- Many Faces Of Oasis

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Brit Pop emerged in the U.K. as a music trend characterized by the use of exclusively British music influences to shape the sound of up and coming bands in the 1990s. Furthermore, with bits of Bowie, The Rolling Stones, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Jam, The Who, Cockney Rebel, Ultravox, T.Rex, Small Faces, Gary Glitter, Buzzcocks, The Kinks, Slade and of course, The Beatles, multiple bands emerged in the early 90s that ended up leaving us with a superb catalog of memorable songs. Out of all of them, Oasis and Blur were the ones that achieved the biggest global success. Supposedly antagonistic, Blur represented Britain's middle class, while Oasis were the typical exponents of the working class, rude and quarrelsome. With a singer (Liam Gallagher) that exuded charisma and in possession of an unmistakable voice, a band sound based on an almost hypnotic guitar sound, a remarkable repertoire and a constant promotional presence based on the fight between the brothers Gallagher (the aforementioned Liam and Noel) which, Oasis reached the masses to become a classic among British rock royalty.


    - 1 -
        1. Leave It All Behind - Hurricane #1
        2. Rain On Me - Proud Mary
        3. Ecstasy Heaven - Simon Townshend Band Feat. Zak Starkey
        4. Underworld - Mike Badger Feat. Chris Sharrock
        5. Ember - Pantaleimon Feat. Jay Darlington
        6. Feel Me Now Again - Hurricane #1
        7. A Moment of Madness - Dr.Robert Feat.Alan White
        8. Happy Town - Harvey4s Rabbit Feat. Andy Bell
        9. Hats Off - Proud Mary
        10. Crash - Hurricane #1
    - 2 -
        1. Become Like You - All Star Band Feat. Noel Gallagher & Gem A
        2. I4m Only Dreaming - All Star Band Feat. Noel Gallagher & Gem
        3. Lonely Girls & Horses - Parlour Flames Feat. Bonehead
        4. Realms of Gold - Dr.Robert Feat. Alan White
        5. Rehab - Trio Valore Feat. Steve White
        6. Manchester Rain- Parlour Flames Feat. Bonehead
        7. All For You (Soon Comes the Morning) - Phoneys and the Freak
        8. Bottom of the Hill - Mike Badger Feat. Chris Sharrock
        9. Return of the Iron Monkey - Trio Valore Feat. Steve White
        10. Set the Night On Fire - Phoneys and the Freaks Feat. Bonehea

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Oasis- Many Faces Of Oasis Oasis- Many Faces Of Oasis