Havas, Lianne La - Lianne La Havas

Vendor: WB
Collection: New Releases.
Edition: Colored Vinyl


180 GRAM VINYL. (Pre-order, out 17-07-20)

After she completed extensive touring in support of Is Your Love Big Enough?, Lianne La Havas visited Jamaica with her native Jamaican mother and connected with distant relatives. Additionally inspired by her Greek roots through her father -- hence the album's title -- and possibly fortified by her experiences recording with Prince, Alt-J, and Tourist, Blood is no mere rehash of the Top Five U.K. debut that preceded it.


1. Bittersweet
2. Read My Mind
3. Green Papaya
4. Can’t fight
5. Paper Thin
6. Out Of Your Mind (Interlude)
7. Weird Fishes
8. Please Don’t Make Me Cry
9. Seven Times
10. Courage
11. Sour Flower


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Havas, Lianne La - Lianne La Havas Havas, Lianne La - Lianne La Havas