Hollywood Vampires - Rise

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Released: 21-06-19


2 X 180 GRAM VINYL. (Pre-order, out 21-06-19)

The Hollywood Vampires – return with new music from their explosive second album, “Rise.” Rock and roll royalty Joe Perry, Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp and shock rock icon Alice Cooper join forces once again for the unmissable rock album of 2019. Seconds into the opening track “I Want My Now,” it’s clear this supergroup has created something special - the chemistry between the individuals is unmistakeable when they come together on stage or in the recording studio.  Forget the star-studded lineup’s individual reputations, “Rise” is some of the purest, unapologetic and most enjoyable rock and roll of the year, made by masters of the craft and true fans of the form.

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LP 1
1: I want my now
2: Good people are hard to find
3: Who's laughing now
4: How the glass fell
5: The boogieman surprise
6: Welcome to bushwackers (feat. jeff beck & john waters)
7: The wrong bandage
8: You can't put your arms around a memory
9: Git from round me

LP 2
1: Heroes
2: A pitiful beauty
3: New threat
4: Mr. spider
5: We gotta rise
6: People who died
7: Congratulations

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Hollywood Vampires - Rise Hollywood Vampires - Rise