Embrace - Good Will Out

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Released: 06-03-20


2 X 180 GRAM VINYL. (Pre-ordr, out 06-03-20)

Debut albums rarely arrive with as much expectation as Embrace's The Good Will Out -- in Britain, at least. Arriving after the massive success of Oasis and the Verve, The Good Will Out was perceived as the heir apparent to the lad-rock throne. One listen to The Good Will Out illustrates why -- the group ingeniously combines the anthemic hooks and monolithic roar of Oasis with the sweeping aural majesty of the Verve.


Intro     0:46
All You Good Good People     6:06
My Weakness Is None Of Your Business     3:17
Come Back To What You Know     4:10
One Big Family     4:05
Higher Sights     3:44
Retread     3:39
I Want The World     5:44
You've Got To Say Yes     3:42
Fireworks     3:58
The Last Gas     3:45
That's All Changed     4:13
Now You're Nobody     4:23
The Good Will Out     7:00


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Embrace - Good Will Out Embrace - Good Will Out