Dope Lemon - Smooth Big Cat Picture

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Collection: New Releases.
Released: 12-07-19



A mystical creature of leisure, the Smooth Big Cat likes to stay up late drinking whiskey with his rascally mates listening to records. He doesn’t have stakes in the troubles of the world, and his life is guided by the mood of the breeze & what’s there in front of him. When you’re feeling lost or a shade of blue, you can look to the Smooth Big Cat, and he’ll point you down the road you want to travel. Just as in his uncertain times, Angus looks to the Smooth Big Cat for guidance in the cheeky world he walks in. The Smooth Big Cat in Angus’ mind is the chairman of the board if you fancy.

169,95 dkr


   1. Hey You
    2. Salt & Pepper
    3. Hey Little Baby
    4. Lonely Boys Paradise
    5. Give Me Honey
    6. Dope & Smoke
    7. Smooth Big Cat
    8. The Midnight Slow
    9. Mechanical Bull
    10. Hey Man, Don't Look At Me Like That

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Dope Lemon - Smooth Big Cat Picture Dope Lemon - Smooth Big Cat Picture