Gallagher, Liam - MTV Unplugged

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180 GRAM VINYL. (Pre-order, out 12-06-20)

Last summer Liam Gallagher joined the list of all-time greats (Paul McCartney, Page and Plant, Nirvana and many more) who have filmed a prestigious MTV Unplugged session. Having missed Oasis’s 1996 session through illness, the show at Hull’s City Hall found Liam fulfilling some unfinished business entirely on his own terms.

Deluxe edt.

1 x 180g splattered vinyl: white base with mint splatter
1 x pair vinyl labels CMYK
top opening inner bag 180gsm reverse board - matt dispersion varnish
Gatefold 300gsm 4/0 reverse board - matt dispersion
+ 18 panel (9 on each side) poster 240X150 when closed and 720X450 when open, prints 4/0 on 100 gsm offset paper.
+1col marketing sticker (up to 5000mm2) on front, on shrinkwrap
+1col barcode sticker on back, on shrinkwrap


1. Wall Of Glass
2. Some Might Say
3. Now That I Found You
4. One of Us
5. Stand By Me
6. Sad Song
7. Cast No Shadow
8. Once
9. Gone
10. Champagne Supernova



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Gallagher, Liam - MTV Unplugged Gallagher, Liam - MTV Unplugged