Amon Amarth - Jomsviking

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Release: 2016



Once again waking from their post-victory slumber, Amon Amarth are due to return with their most monstrous and spectacular album to date. A tour-de-force of cinematic melodic metal that combines the best of the genre's traditional wing with modern heft and heart, Jomsviking is a concept piece inspired by the elite Viking mercenaries of its title, conceived and written by Johan Hegg. "Deceiver of the Gods was very successful for us and we had a good run with that and did some really great tours," says Hegg. "Even before we changed drummers for this record we had the idea to make a concept album. It was something we'd never done before and it gave us a challenge. I started writing the story, went into it wholeheartedly and once you start going down that path there's really no turning back."

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First Kill     4:21
Wanderer     4:43
On A Sea Of Blood     4:05
One Against All     3:38
Raise Your Horns     4:24
The Way Of Vikings     5:11
At Dawn's First Light     3:51
One Thousand Burning Arrows     5:50
Vengeance Is My Name     4:42
A Dream That Cannot Be     4:23
Back On Northern Shores     7:09

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Amon Amarth - Jomsviking Amon Amarth - Jomsviking