McCartney, Paul - Off The Ground

Vendor: Parlophone
Collection: Rare/Expensive
Released: 1993


Parlophone PCSD 125 made in England in gatefold cover with lyric inner sleeve.

Vinyl VG+. Cover VG+.

Out of all the former Beatles, Paul McCartney by far had the most successful solo career, maintaining a constant presence in the British and American charts during the '70s and '80s. In America alone, he had nine number one singles and seven number one albums during the first 12 years of his solo career. Although he sold records, McCartney never attained much critical respect, especially when compared to his former partner, John Lennon.


A1         Off The Ground         
A2         Looking For Changes         
A3         Hope Of Deliverance     
A4         Mistress And Maid   
A5         I Owe It All To You         
A6         Biker Like An Icon         
B1         Peace In The Neighbourhood         
B2         Golden Earth Girl              
B3         The Lovers That Never Were       
B4         Get Out Off My Way     
B5         Winedark Open Sea         
B6         C'mon People







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McCartney, Paul - Off The Ground McCartney, Paul - Off The Ground