Lydmor - Capacity

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Release: 19-03-21



Lydmor's new album 'CAPACITY' is a musical maze full of alluring mysteries. At the same time, it is part of a process of liberation, which is about opening oneself up and discovering one's capacity. For her previous album, Lydmor travelled to Shanghai. But on her new album, Lydmor has mostly travelled deep into herself. 'CAPACITY' is a contrasting musical work where fiction and reality merge into a multifaceted sound universe. It is the electronic pop artist's most personal, complex and conceptual album to date. There is almost a David Lynch'ish cut about 'CAPACITY'. The album is like a winding maze where it is difficult to decipher what is real and what is an illusion. Like a book with countless narratives. Without conclusions. Ambiguous. Full of alluring mysteries, dreams, reflections and messages about gender, identity, love, guilt and liberation. Rich in contrasts: Black/white. Silence/noise. Weakness/strength. Fiction/reality. Labyrinth/compass.


1. Amandas Lullaby
2. Nevada feat. Eivør 03:51
3. Diamond Breeze
4. Labyrinth Faced Man
5. Emma Spins
6. Someone We Used To Love 04:33
7. LSD Heart 03:34
8. Guilty (Kill Me) 04:05
9. The Gadget Song
10. Amandas Dream
11. Go Slow But Go
12. Heavier in Life (feat. Lasse Ziegler)
13. If You Want Capacity
14. Hotel Ads

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Lydmor - Capacity Lydmor - Capacity