GPO Record Bag

Vendor: GPO
Collection: Accessories
Released: 2016


199,95 dkr


Take your vinyl on the road

Keep your vinyl safe while you’reon the move with GPO’s new Record Bag.

Designed with a two tone finish, this cream and tan record bag can not only store up to 20 of your favourite albums, its durable padded base will also ensure the safety of your vinyls.

The GPO Record Bag also comes with a magnetic secure and Velcro for extra security. Measuring 32.5 x 33 x 7.5 cm, GPO’s new record bag also features two small pockets on the front with a zipped pocket in the back and a pen holder.

Features & Specifications

    Cream Tan leatherette finish
    Holds up to 20-25 Vinyls
    Padded Base
    Magnetic Secure
    Velcro Secure Strip
    32.5 x 33 x 7.5 cm
    Additional pockets

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€26.95 EUR
GPO Record Bag GPO Record Bag