Perfect Debute Albums - Blind Faith

Posted by Bo Ellegaard on June 25, 2017 0 Comments
In the continuing series of "Perfect Debut Albums" I recently came across the debut album from one of the first so-called super-groups of the late 1960's namely Blind Faith from 1969. 
The musicians all came from prominent groups- Cream, Traffic and Family- and were unparalelled on their instruments including the angelic voice of Stevie Winwood, hence the "super-group" monicker. 
Blind Faith emerged out of Eric Clapton's wish to leave a much too hyped Cream and  Stevie Winwood's wish to leave Traffic albeit just as a natural move as a musician. 
A lot of jamming between the two followed and eight months after the break-up of Cream Blind Faith had a handful of original songs plus a couple of covers to present to a 100.000-strong audience in Hyde Park, June 7th, 1969. 
The album came out in August and by September Blind Faith were no more. 

The album heard today is a wonderful collection of songs from matured musicians who seem to know in which direction to go musically as well as lyrically with this new group. Soulful -gospel almost- songs with religious and existentialistic lyrics most prominently in Eric Clapton's "Presence Of The Lord"- a beautiful ballad sung by Stevie Winwood. But other songs are as good and powerful: "Had To Cry Today", "Can't Find My Way Home" and "Sea Of Joy". Add to this an ok Buddy Holly-cover of "Well Alright" and Ginger Baker's jazzy "Do What You Like". The playing throughout is of course excellent with a relaxed Eric Clapton at the helm. No 15 minutes blues solos but sweet sounding guitar parts to the point -arguably his finest hour? And the singing...21 year old veteran(!) Stevie Winwood had never sung better or more sincerely than here. Please remember his "I'm A Man" as 19 years old in Spencer Davis Group were he debuted when he was 14 years old. Also beautiful Traffic songs followed but Blind Faith was his finest hour as an artist in my opinion. I can only recommend this album should you want to go back and check out some of the obvious musical nuggets of the 60's only waiting to be picked you! PGP

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