Perfect debut album LA's

Posted by Bo Ellegaard on August 01, 2017 0 Comments
This time I've found another contender in the "Perfect Debut Albums" department: 
The La's' debut and indeed only album "The La's" on Go! Disc from 1990. 
(Not the L-A's as in "short for Los Angeles"- but being a scouse-ism for "the lads" it is pronounced: [laaas])- enough said!
Formed in Liverpool in 1983 The La's had a slow start not charting until 1988 with the single "There She Goes". A lot of personnel changes around bassist John Power and singer/guitarist/songwriter Lee Mavers finally resulted in recording a whole album as a band. But not without problems- this time concerning producers. They settled with producer Steve Lillywhite (of U2, Simple Minds, XTC fame) but "he didn't understand our sound" as Lee Mavers stated also saying he, Mavers hated the result.

The album in question is currently being reissued on vinyl as it has been a rarity for years- the nineties were a low ebb on vinyl as you might know?! It is always exciting to find out if a reissue has stood the test of time so how about "The La's" then? Still fresh-sounding today to these ears I must say! A sweet blend of British melodic pop luckily avoiding both the pitfalls of Britpop and "Hey we're the new Smiths"- with an acoustic guitars sound- yet also containing reminiscences of classic 1960's Merseybeat (listen to the chorus in "Timeless Melody"!!) but first and last: The La's is about the singing and the songs!! Both Mavers' eager voice and the way his and John Power's voices blend. This and a setlist of really good songs is the foundation of The La's' sound. Did they become a succes in 1990, then? Apart from a minor hit with both 7" "There She Goes"(issued several times) and the album "The La's" (Silver in GB) they sank without a trace. Their debut album was their one and only shot at stardom although they reformed a few times over the years playing around the World but no new material. By way of frustration regarding the missing acknowledge John Power went to form Cast in 1993- arguably "just another britpop band"?! One important source of income for Lee Mavers though is the inclusion of especially "There She Goes" and a couple of other songs of his in several soundtracks that serves as his bread and butter but that's only fair, don't you think? Now: go listen to The La's!! PGP

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