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Well for starters you don´t "just" buy a record, you take your time to browse through the record store´s hopefully vast selection of vinyl: new releases, re-releases and secondhand!

But before you can do this you carefully choose the record store and I mean a real record store!!
Is it your usual local store or is it a record store you´ve never visited before?

In my case being in Istanbul, Turkey of all places I just stumbled into a nice music store in the new part of Istanbul just at the end of the endless Istiklal highstreet where Tünel Galipdede Caddesi begins and leads down to the Galata Bridge. Here in No. 1 you find Lale Plak (plak meaning record). A very kind female shopkeeper helped me to their vinyl department: various rock, indie and pop records. But it was the vast selection of jazz record-reissues as well as Turkish rock and jazz records that impressed me.

Among the jazz records I found an album I just had to pick up and look at. It was housed in a very beautiful cover with the title "Iron Man" and the name Eric Dolphy on it.
Something told me that I just needed this record for my collection but why?

If you want to know why let me take you back to the early seventies when you just couldn´t buy any record you wanted price and everything considered.
You had to be creative in those days- listen to the radio and tape the bits you liked- loan records at the town´s music library and of course swap records with your friends was the obvious ways of listening to music. Just listening...the collecting came later though...

Back then going to the library you were likely to find progressive music- some of it even rare by todays standards: Nick Drake´s "Bryter Later", King Crimson´s mighty "In The Court Of The Crimson King" (we are talking pink rim and pink Islands here for crissakes!) and also the Danish folk-psyche gem Green Grass "Vandreudstilling Hara Ghash"... one day I got lucky and found "Weasels Ripped My Flesh" by The Mothers Of Invention.
I was familiar with The Mothers´ Verve years and was curious to hear what they had come up with this time.

In those days you were left to your own and your friends´ devices as to understand lyrics and even the titles of the songs. This one "Weasels Ripped Your Flesh" just seemed funny and grotesque and fitted well among other Frank Zappa album covers (e.g. their take on the Beatles´ Sgt. Pepper, the dental cover of Uncle Meat etc.) but if the music alone didn´t do it for you it didn´t matter at all. But it did! I remember liking the shorter pieces, Oh No and Toads Of The Short Forest but one title stuck to my mind: "Eric Dolphy´s Memorial Barbecue".
A fantastic title and a great "song" or to be more precise a great jazzy collage that intriegued me. I even found out then that Eric Dolphy was a jazz musician who had died young some years before.
(Hence the word "Memorial" in the Zappa title and also referring to Dolphy´s "Memorial Album Recorded Live At The Five Spot". Even as the line sung in Weasel´s "Oh No":  "I think you´re probably Out To Lunch" is a nod to another Dolphy album indeed titled "Out To Lunch")

All this suddenly came back to me at the Lale Plak. When I saw the Eric Dolphy album I knew I had found the right record to take home with me!

Today with the internet it´s easy to investigate as to who Eric Dophy was and about his work and if you are curious to find out more about this "unknown" genious please go ahead: especially the concert clips on Youtube shows his art.

And please don´t forget FZ!!

RecordPusher recommends Eric Dolphy "Iron Man" and "Out To Lunch" and Frank Zappa and MOI...well all his/their records from the 60´s and 70´s are greatly recommended!


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