Concert at Tivoli Gardens Concert Hall Thursday April 3rd

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Tangerine Dream, Michael Rother & Dieter Moebius

Krautrock galore!
For the first time ever the German band Tangerine Dream visits Denmark and plays another first: a full length performance of their soundtrack to the William Friedkin movie The Sorcerer. William Friedkin is perhaps most famous for his movies The French Connection from 1971 and The Exorcist from 1973.
As an added bonus to this event William Friedkin will be present in Copenhagen both at the concert and also to receive The Lifetime Achivement Award from the Danish Film Academy at Dagmar Cinema on Friday April 4th.

Tangerine Dream later embark on a massive Europe tour through May and June performing in Moscow at founder Edgar Froese´s 70 years´ anniversary June 6th.
The (West)Berlin band were pioneers of electronic ambient progressive rock and when Sir Richard Branson heard them in the early 70´s (long before the "SIR"!) he signed them in 1974 on the crest of the overwhelming succes of Tubular Bells by a very young Mike Oldfield. They stayed with Virgin Records for several albums right through the punk era and well into the 80´s.
Nowadays they record for Edgar Froese´s own label Eastgate.

The opening names are not any less interesting if you know your way round your sauerkraut!

Michael Rother has played with Cluster (with Eno), Harmonia and Neu! and will perform music from the various bands´ setlists.

Dieter Moebius also played with Kluster (early on hence the K to change later on to C) and with Neu! together with Michael.
Moebius has also recorded with German studio Guru Conny Plank (from Can to Eurythmics!).

Check out some of these krautrock bands if you are growing tired of playing the same household names over and over.

Recordpusher recommends: Can, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Neu!, Harmonia, Amon Düül II, Faust and Popol Vuh.


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